Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Day 1- Reflections

1. What did you do today?

We went all over the school and use a cotton swab to take samples from a tray and inoculate in different agars to see how they spread. We only smear the samples taken on half of the agar because the other half of the agar is used as a control. We also done the same thing in different places to compare how dirty it is. Unfortunately we got to wait for 1 day to see the results because we need to wait for the bacteria to start breeding

2. What did you learn today?

I learnt how to smear the cotton swab over the agar which you must smear it in a zig-zag shape. You also cannot apply too much pressure on the agar. 

3. How do you feel about today's activity?

I feel that today's activity was a pretty enjoyable one. I had a lot of fun going all over the school and swabbing the different places and I hope that tomorrow I will see that the bacteria breed and know which places are the dirtiest

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