Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Day 2 - Reflections

What did you do today? 

We got back the agar that we made yesterday and we are supposed to interpret results. The different agars contain different substances which only allows some type of bacteria to grow on such as the MacConkey Agar (MAC) only allows gram-negative bacteria to grow. As for the agar that are in tubes, there was no bacteria on all of the samples except 1. I feel that it was because we did not smear it properly and hence we did not see any bacteria growth. We also get to use the microscope to see the different specimens.

What have you learnt today?

I learnt the different functions of the different agar, such as what kind of bacteria is able to grow on it.  I also learnt how to operate a microscope properly.

3. How do you feel about today's activity?
I feel that today's activity made me think differently about bacteria. I never thought that it could spread so rapidly. It was able to form huge colonies in just 24 hours. I also know how they identify bacteria, first they inoculate it in different agar and look at the results. This way they could identify it's traits and will be able to name which baxter that is.

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